The Yin of Andrew Yang

July 7, 2019 · The Narrative
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lord · April 10th, 2019

I wonder if Yang can get elected, if being Asian will affect his chances. Since in America Obama got voted by the left because he was black, but the left in America are kind of anti-Asian and bash on Asians more than anything. Since Asians make them feel insecure. Nearly every leftist article I have read about Asians is bashing on them and trying to denigrate their success etc. Where as nearly every leftist article about black people is ridiculous worship tier nonsense and endless excuse making for their economic status in society.
So Asians don't have many allies, other than moderates and progressives. Which may affect his chances of getting elected.

I think both the right and left are white supremacists, but just in different ways.
I notice the left being white supremacists when it comes to Asians and trying to denigrate them constantly and deny that they are smart etc, yet they praise blacks and Mexicans etc a lot.

alan's · April 10th, 2019


switched from the Donald

k · April 10th, 2019

Andrew Yang's new ideas are all over the place. He also comes off as a bit self-indulgent. He is being propped up and used by Fox News as a poster child for Democrats with crazy far-fetched "socialist" ideas.

joe · April 10th, 2019

Andrew is campaigning. He’s traveling all over the country right now.

spiritsbb · April 10th, 2019

Heard he's going to Jimmy Dore sometime soon

ian · April 10th, 2019

Read his book! He rails on Bill Clinton for getting rid of Glass Steagall, much more, and how the detrimental affects it had on our economy!! That implies he’s for bringing something similar back

theresa-thu · April 10th, 2019

I support tuitions forgiveness. However, I don’t support free tuition. The difference is that when tuition is free people will take it for granted. I have seen many people who were in free community college and would not graduate. They change courses or majors constantly just for the fact that as soon as they felt a challenge in a course/major. Thus by the time they got out of a college it would be about 6-8 years (an equivalent of regular 2-4 years programs). I think that tuition forgiveness would entice people to study hard to graduate on time and be on the work force instead.

hirad · April 10th, 2019

1:58 "See if you can push him to that direction"

Yeah I'm sure a successful entrepreneur is going to get pushed based on the opinion of one person who clearly hasn't done his homework! Yang has made it very clear why he doesn't think free college tuition is the best way to tackle this issue. Because it takes away the choice from young adults. Some might want to go to college, some might wanna go to trade school, and some might wanna start their own business. Under Bernie's free college plan only the first group will benefit, and that will create even higher demand for college than the already high demand we have right now. But with UBI, all those groups can choose how they wanna spend the money they get from the government, and the government doesn't push everyone toward one path.

xwaldoxc6 · April 10th, 2019

The green new deal was a BIG OOF

triad6425 · April 10th, 2019

He answered the free college. It's because most people don't go to college and it will just devalue the degree. Instead i he wants to make college cheaper by wrecking the amount of administrators. Making a college degree free will just turn it into extended high school for most people that aren't seeking a specific skill like engineering.

xavier · April 10th, 2019

Yeah get yang back and ask some hard questions! Help us decide yang vs Burnie.

danny · April 10th, 2019

Andrew has discussed his view on "free college" on Joe Rogan. He is for universal education, meaning all citizens should have a path to learning ect, but that making specifically college or university free is not the answer, because not everyone needs to go to college, and we have over emphasized college for a long time, and that traditional colleges and universities may become even less important in the future anyway.

bob · April 10th, 2019

Also ask him why he's playing to white nationalism.

compulsive · April 10th, 2019

I was kind of expecting more serious skepticism about the YangBucks. Progressive Voice brought up a good point in saying it'll help keep people without strong positions appeased by the current state of capitalism.

adam · April 10th, 2019

Let’s get Andrew Yang on CNN and MSNBC!!! Sign the petition:

olin · April 10th, 2019

I think we have to go with the leader -- we shouldn't divide the progressive votes -- we have to win and we have to have a movement that is bigger then all the entities that will try all stops to not let anything get passed. Winning the election is the easier task. Passing progressive bills will be almost impossible.

antonio · April 10th, 2019

take money out of politics, nothing will do that better than directly paying people rather than having government pretend to know what to do with the taxes they collect for welfare.